Licensing Agreements

Two options are available for pursuing a license with Georgia Tech and CLC.

Internal License

The Internal License is for companies that wish to produce items purchased by the Institute for internal use only. 

  • An Internal Licensee is not permitted to sell product(s) to retailers, directly to consumers, or to any entity unrelated to an institution.
  • There is a $250 application fee.
  • After the first year, there is an annual administration fee due to CLC at renewal as follows: 1 institution = $200 (flat fee); 2-5 institutions = $500 (flat fee); 6+ institutions = $150/institution (maz $17,500)
  • The application, all artwork, and license requests must be submitted via CLC's Brand Manager 360 system. 

Retail License

The Retail License is intended for companies that are capable of extensive production and retail distribution of their product(s) and/or are introducing a unique and commercially viable product to the collegiate market.

  • There is an application fee of $250 for a single institution or $500 for multiple institutions.
  • The application, all artwork, and license requests must be submitted via CLC's Brand Manager 360 system. 
  • Georgia Tech Advance fees (advance payment credited toward future royalties) are:
    • Apparel: $500
    • Non-Apparel: $300

Collegiate Licensing Company

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Headquartered in Atlanta, Ga., CLC assists collegiate institutions in protecting, marketing, and managing their brands through a customized, strategic approach focused on each individual client.

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CLC’s mission is to elevate college brands through insight and innovation. CLC is uniquely positioned to deliver consumer connections and brand visibility for collegiate institutions through impactful licensed merchandise strategies and engaging marketing platforms

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