Licensing Policies

  1. The Georgia Tech Official Seal is reserved for documents that are formal and official, and for all communications from the Office of the President and individuals and offices directly reporting to the President. The Student Government Association (SGA) is approved to use the Official Seal. Commercial use of the Georgia Tech Official Seal is not permitted.
  2. Georgia Tech departments and recognized student clubs and organizations may use the Georgia Tech trademarks for business purposes such as letterhead, business cards, publications, and websites. The logos and lettering must be used uniformly according to the guidelines in the Georgia Tech Visual Identity Guidelines. Questions or use approvals can be directed to Licensing and Trademarks at 404-385-0015.
  3. A license must be obtained for the use of any Georgia Tech trademark, image, photograph, or logo in or on a commercial product, including premium and promotional items.
  4. All departments of the Institute recognized clubs/organizations, and alumni clubs are required to purchase licensed merchandise from licensed vendors.
  5. While items consumed internally by the Institute, its departments, recognized campus clubs/organizations, and alumni clubs are not required to pay royalties on items bearing Georgia Tech trademarks produced for them and not for resale, they must secure approval, in writing, from Licensing and Trademarks. Designs must be submitted and approved prior to manufacturing.
  6. Only an officially licensed vendor is approved to produce merchandise bearing Georgia Institute of Technology marks. Georgia Tech trademarks will not be approved for use on red merchandise or gambling products; however, a licensed vendor requesting to use the GEORGIA TECH mark with the proper registration symbol on apparel will likely receive approval to manufacture officially licensed Georgia Tech merchandise. For a current list of officially licensed vendors, contact Licensing and Trademarks at 404-385-0015.
  7. Unlicensed and unauthorized merchandise bearing Georgia Tech’s trademarks will cause or is likely to cause, consumer confusion as well as dilution of Georgia Tech’s trademarks by blurring and/or tarnishment. Unauthorized and unlicensed use of Georgia Tech’s trademarks may subject the user to disciplinary action and enforcement through available legal remedies, including seizure of the merchandise.
  8. Trademarks and logos are to be accurately reproduced and must appear in the exact form as registered, including the appropriate trademark designation, and may not be altered without the express consent of Licensing and Trademarks.
  9. The names and marks of the Georgia Institute of Technology shall not be used in the promotion of tobacco, “recreational” drug products, gambling products, religious programs, or unauthorized promotion of goods or services.