Licensing Process

  1. The licensing process takes approximately 10-15 weeks, depending on the thoroughness of license application.
  2. Complete and submit a CLC online application at
  3. CLC and Georgia Tech will review the application for a number of variables, including whether the product meets the goals, strategy, and need of the licensing program.
  4. Georgia Tech will decide whether to approve or disapprove the application. 
  5. Once an application is conceptually approved, Georgia Tech’s trademarks will be available through CLC's Logos On Demand digital logo distribution portal.
  6. Product artwork then must be submitted through CLC’s Brand Manager 360 online licensing system for review by Georgia Tech.
  7. After receiving approval on the artwork, a finished sample of the product must be submitted for review by Georgia Tech.
  8. Once final approval is granted, CLC will send a License Agreement for execution.
  9. Once the Agreement is electronically signed via the CLC system, an officer of CLC will sign the Agreement and upload the fully executed Agreement to the licensee's CLC account.
  10. Until the licensee receives fully executed copies of the Agreement, the licensee remains unauthorized to produce and/or distribute any merchandise incorporating the trademarks of the Institute.