A pride for Georgia Tech among alumni is one of the Institute’s greatest assets, and is seen most passionately in Alumni Association Network activities.

One way members of Alumni Association Networks can show their love for the Institute is by using its logos and trademarks in a way that is consistent with and complements Tech’s existing identity.

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Use of trademarks

Official Alumni Association Networks are required to use a licensee to produce any merchandise or apparel with the Georgia Tech name and/or trademarks. This includes merchandise used within the organization (staff shirts, pens, etc.), given as gifts, or sold.

Alumni Association Networks are not allowed to alter the spirit marks without permission from Licensing and Trademarks. Alumni Association Network logos must have their official Network name and the words “Alumni Network” in the logo design. For example: Houston Area Alumni Network or Georgia Tech Chicago Alumni Network.

Keep in mind...

  • Trademarks are not to be used in conjunction with alcohol, tobacco, recreational drugs, gambling products, national flags, political symbols, and/or religious symbols.
  • Trademarks cannot be printed in red or used on red items.
  • The letters G and T cannot appear side-by-side on products. They must be interlocking.
  • Trademarks are not to be used in conjunction with other brands, names, or trademarks in a way that might appear as an endorsement by the Institute.
  • Designs using the trademarks must be approved prior to printing or manufacturing.
  • All items and materials bearing the trademarks must be printed, produced, and manufactured by an official licensee.
  • A registered trademark symbol, either ® or TM, is to be used next to every trademarked logo. The symbol should appear near the bottom right of the trademarked logo.