K-12 Schools

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Georgia Tech’s K-12 School Licensing Program was developed to generate goodwill, increase awareness, and create a pipeline of prospective undergraduate Georgia Tech students.

At the same time, the K-12 School Licensing Program helps to protect our Buzz trademark from infringement.

Approximately 380 schools have signed the no-cost agreement that gives them permission to use our Buzz trademark following specific terms and conditions.

For information on obtaining a Georgia Tech K-12 License, contact Georgia Tech Licensing and Trademarks.

Georgia Tech has two team dealers that are licensed vendors to produce merchandise for K-12 schools that are licensed with Georgia Tech: Top of the World (hats) and Holloway Sportswear (uniforms).

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Keep in mind...

  • Campus units may use the Institute primary logo, extended logo, or unit combination logo in communications and for branded items purchased from an official licensee.
  • Do not use the Interlocking GT alone for academic or organizational usage. The Bookstore offers generic Georgia Tech branded apparel, notebooks, pens, and many other licensed promotional products for purchase.
  • Do not use the outlined version of the interlocking GT, which remains exclusive to Athletics.
  • Trademarks (logos and spirit marks) are not to be used in conjunction with tobacco, recreational drugs, gambling products, political symbols, and/or religious symbols. For additional restricted items, see the full list.
  • Use in conjunction with the United States flag, or the flag of the State of Georgia, is allowable.
  • Trademarks (logos and spirit marks) are not to be used in conjunction with other brands, names, or trademarks in a way that might appear as an endorsement by the Institute.
  • Do not simulate logos in type, skew or modify the elements, recolor, or fill with any pattern or texture.
  • Designs using the trademarks must be approved prior to printing or manufacturing.
  • All items and materials bearing the trademarks must be printed, produced, and manufactured by an official licensee.
  • A registered trademark symbol, either ® or TM, is to be used next to every trademarked logo. The symbol should appear near the bottom right of the trademarked logo.