Items manufactured for internal use (by students, staff, or affiliates) must be approved by Licensing and Trademarks and must be manufactured by an official licensed vendor. 

If an official licensee is not used, the Institute may not approve funding for the order.

Design Approval
  • Contact Licensing and Trademarks to review all designs that include a Georgia Tech trademark.
  • You must get approval of the designs before placing any orders with the vendor.
Officially Licensed Vendors
  • Below are the lists of approved licensees.
  • Always call the company to find out the product section and price. 
  • Some company websites do not show all products available.
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Keep in mind...

  • Trademarks are not to be used in conjunction with alcohol, tobacco, recreational drugs, gambling products, national flags, political symbols, and/or religious symbols.
  • Trademarks cannot be printed in red or used on red items.
  • The letters G and T cannot appear side-by-side on products. They must be interlocking.
  • Trademarks are not to be used in conjunction with other brands, names, or trademarks in a way that might appear as an endorsement by the Institute.
  • Designs using the trademarks must be approved prior to printing or manufacturing.
  • All items and materials bearing the trademarks must be printed, produced, and manufactured by an official licensee.
  • A registered trademark symbol, either ® or TM, is to be used next to every trademarked logo. The symbol should appear near the bottom right of the trademarked logo.