Frequently Asked Questions


What is licensing?

Licensing is necessary when a third party desires to associate itself commercially with the Georgia Institute of Technology by using any trademark, trade name, logo, symbol, seal, mascot, or slogan that is associated with or refers to the Institute.   

Why is licensing revenue necessary?

To promote and protect the Institute’s image and comply with federal trademark laws, Georgia Tech must approve any use of its trademarks. Licensing protects the Institute’s reputation, good name, and image by permitting only appropriate uses and assuring that only quality products bear the Institute’s name, initials, or logos.

Licensing also generates income to support the operational goals of Licensing and Trademarks and enhances the quality of life for students, student-athletes, faculty, and staff.

Where do licensing revenues go?

Annual licensing revenue is generated from royalties on product sales and marketing fees, and other Institute promotional fees. All licensing revenue is deposited into a Georgia Tech Foundation account called the Buzz Fund. All operating expenses of Licensing and Trademarks are paid from the Buzz Fund.

The Buzz Fund also provides annual distributions to the three licensing revenue-generating units on campus and one campus-wide event:

  • Alumni Association
  • Athletic Association
  • Campus Services
  • Sting Break

Who needs to be licensed?

A license must be obtained by anyone who uses the name or marks of the Georgia Institute of Technology for a commercial purpose. Non-commercial uses of Georgia Tech trademarks may not require a license but do require permission. The use of a Georgia Tech mark in advertisements, motion pictures, and on promotional items also requires a licensing fee.

Are there any exemptions?

Licensed products used for internal Georgia Tech consumption or internal giveaways are not subject to a royalty fee. The products, however, are required to be licensed. All items sold on campus to external buyers (including alumni) must be licensed and are subject to royalties.

How do I become licensed with Georgia Tech?

Review the Become a Licensee Web page.

How does a customer tell whether merchandise is licensed?

The “Officially Licensed Collegiate Products” label should appear on all approved and licensed merchandise. This label is for approved and authorized use only and signifies that the merchandise to which it is attached has been approved for sale by CLC and its client universities. The unauthorized reproduction, distribution, or use of this label is prohibited.

The presence of this label ensures that alumni, students, fans, and supporters know they are buying a product of quality and authenticity that represents the goodwill of Georgia Tech. The label is your assurance that merchandise has been approved by the Institute and that royalties from your purchase will benefit the Institute.

Any merchandise not bearing these labels for institutions represented by CLC, but using the marks of that institution, may constitute an infringement of trademark laws, punishable by law.

How does Georgia Tech respond to trademark infringement?

Georgia Tech aggressively pursues infringers through legal channels, including, but not restricted to, letters of “Cease and Desist” and lawsuits.

Suspected trademark infringement should be reported immediately to Licensing and Trademarks. Please include the appropriate URL if the image has been used on the Internet.

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